Thursday, August 23, 2012

A comic I found in Copenhagen

Isn't this pretty? It's from a series of classic adventure stories. I really like the way the whale is rendered on the cover. Some of the inside pages are also rather exciting. And after the main story follows a redrawn and tidied-up Lear limerick - very odd, that - and some natural history, by the looks of it.

While I was away, I noticed there was a lot of discussion on the network about the state of comic magazines for children in the UK. It felt very odd - on the web there was discussion about how we can get even one magazine off the ground and keep it running, and when I went out and into the nearest second hand bookshop in Copenhagen I found a whole room full of basically every comic I ever read as a child. I wish the UK could have a real variety of comics magazines. I mean, if there were just one, I certainly would not want it to look like this one here - but I wish there were space for every literary/visual taste children might have, and also stuff that they'd dislike. Children really benefit from having stories and pictures to dislike as well as ones to like, and to love, and to be unsure about.
I would credit these images, but I can't find any artists' names in here... tsk...

I hope that good old-fashioned non-interactive comics will thrive in the UK. They are fun. Personally, I don't care much if they are printed on paper or not, but if not, we need a really good way to publish them digitally. And I am not into the idea of making everything interactive just because we technically can, because artistically we can't, quite, yet, most of the time. Some stories just communicate better when they aren't moving or making noises, and we shouldn't forget about all the clever ways we developed to tell engaging stories without interactivity.
So, what I am saying is that I would like to see more well-designed digital outlets for children's comics, with high content and a minimum of shiny interactive padding... (but don't ask me how to make money with that).

The future is alarming, but awesome.

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