Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ceremonial Photos

This is what happened when I poked the Rolleiflex at people at the Cilip Greenaway/Carnegie awards.
One of my books was nominated but didn't win (because the awesome "A Monster Calls" won EVERYTHING, deservedly) and I was there to have tiny cakes and be interviewed by children.
A good opportunity to practise my photography skills, I figured... Here you go:
Hey Ben! I found the close-up lens! No don't look! Just be natural!

The Barbican serves EXTREMELY SMALL CAKES. I took several away in my handbag.

it's a jungle
After the ceremony everyone relaxed in the greenhouse.

Happy David
David is happy because Walker Books totally dominated the awards.
Or maybe it's to do with his hat.

Hello Camera
Hello, official photographer!

Looking for signatures, and people to interview.

Greenaway Smiles
Happiness all around.

Rollei Profile

it was just like that

There's a second roll which I haven't had developed yet.
Next thing I need: anti static dust wipes for my scanner. WHERE IS IT ALL COMING FROM???

I just got the second roll developed... the light wasn't as good any more, and I didn't have a tripod, so it's all a bit meh. But I like this one:
walker do 02.jpg
Tea and cake at the Barbican

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