Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tracing Photographs's allowed! If you took the photographs yourself. Which I did. Ha.
I'm not great at drawing humans, let's face it. Unless you want it done in my particular cartoony way, which isn't always the ticket... 
So at the moment I am having fun tracing photographs of my friends. It's not that easy - the digital brushes are laggy, and, well, traced photographs have a way of looking not that great. And detail is getting lost whenever I zoom in too closely.
But I think I'll work out something useful, and maybe even learning something about light and shadow and anatomy and all that.
Here's Laura Kidd in concert:
And here's the lovely Simon March of THE COLOUR MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY STORE, ready to sell you some serious PAINT:
These were painted using brushes from Stumpy Pencil.

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