Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Right! It's sunny!

I am working on the dummy for my third book about cats, featuring Tiny, André and Moonpie in another anarchic adventure with baffling levels of interactive paper reality. It's almost worked out, just one more page to fix up - one of those that tricks the reader into involvement - once it's working, that is.
I felt kind of gloomy and tired, so I went out to buy myself some treats: fennel and cottage cheese and parmesan and sourdough bread. Now I am cheered.
I also realised that I owe the people I love no less than FIVE birthday presents now, rather more actually probably. I have been rubbish at birthdays this year. I'll have to pretend it's Christmas soon and simply buy something nice for everybody I know and hope it works out somehow.

Here's a dog.
Back to work now!


Emma Collins Ba (Hons) said...

The dog is beautiful. I love him I do!

Anonymous said...

lovely dog!:D