Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Love Hotels

I'm in a hotel in Falmouth - the lovely Falmouth Town House.
This is the sofa I am sitting on.
I love hotels. I really do. I was booked into this particular one to take part in the 10th Illustration Forum here - I was a speaker at an early one myself, this time I just said hello at a panel talk.
Now that's done and I could be out there having dinner and networking. I shall do that tomorrow night - today I am staying in. I bought some tasty raw vegetables which I ate up while having a hot bath, I scrubbed off that stage-makeup, washed my hair with cherry shampoo and wrapped up in a huge soft towel, and now I'm eating a cup-a-soup followed by some fine chocolate.
Once I posted this I will do some novel writing. With more soup. And tea.
Life doesn't get that much better than this, I guarantee you. This is GREAT.


stephanie_ayres said...

thanks for the talk this evening :) I wish i could attend the forum tomorrow!

Viviane Schwarz said...

It was fun!
Aw yes, tomorrow is set to be excellent...