Saturday, March 10, 2012

Aliens and Minotaurs

I bought loads of books, here they are, all in a stack on my bedside table in the B&B where I'm staying this weekend. I went to the old bookshop I used to work at almost ten years ago, and instantly remembered it all, the same old sections, some of them ones I am quite sure I made up myself. I picked up a few books that had gone awry and re-shelved them. A travel book was hiding with the Science Fiction (probably because it included psychedelic drug trips), a couple of UFO books were in science and technology... when I looked at those, I suddenly felt like I wanted to keep them and read them and draw spaceships and aliens and maybe write a science fiction story. So I bought them. - It felt like visiting an old friend.
I also bought a book about the Easter Islands, and one about Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

I filled many sketchbook pages while I was at the illustration forum, mostly with scribbled sketches of a boy and his dog. I'm thinking about a book featuring them. I'm very fond of them already, although people said the dog looks like a strange minotaur. Wouldn't you like a strange minotaur dog for a friend, though?


Emma Collins Ba (Hons) said...

The books you purchased look wonderful! I'm still in need of doing a blog showing off my charity shop purchases :)

I love your (minotaur)dog. Who wouldn't want him as a friend!?!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes! Excellent big dog friend. I say so, too.
It was so nice to revisit all the old charity shops I used to know... I bought a jar to keep all the little found bits in that sit on my desk, pebbles and seed pods and such.

Emma Collins Ba (Hons) said...


Aw I bet it was! I'm hoping to visit the Charity Shop I volunteered in soon...they tend to have some wonderful ceramics/cutlery :)

I love jars! Huzzah to the pod jar!

Thomas Taylor said...

Lovely books! I have a tatty old copy of Aku-Aku too:)