Friday, January 13, 2012

No Rats Today.

I'm having a day off the rat book.

I woke up today feeling completely dreadful. I'd exercised, so I felt sore all over, and the upstairs neighbor had done his usual werid stomping routine at night, so I was tired, and I had had strange nightmares for the remaining night, so I was VERY tired actually.

I refused to get up until lunch time, because every time I sat up I felt woozy. Then I decided it was time to have a day off drawing, and that I might as well work my nightmares into my new graphic novel script.

If you are interested, one dream was about catching a demon in the kitchen sink and then being sent out by my mother to a fetisch supermarket to buy it a miniature sofa to furnish the bottle we were keeping it in. It didn't go well.

I would really love to know what the upstairs stomping is all about. It's at very regular times, moves all through the flat and ends with the sound of something being dropped on the floor. Weighted boots? I have no idea. It's maddening.

So, having worked my dreams into the script as planned, and having taken a walk to the nearest bookshop, I shall now curl up on the sofa and read this book:

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Emma Collins Ba (Hons) said...

That book is fantastic. Hope you feel better: