Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ipad! Totally!

Noteshelf Doodle
I have an Ipad! And I spent the last couple of days setting it up and working out a new workflow or six.
I've been tapping and scribbling and downloading and synching and uploading and shuffling and clipping and pasting. It's amazing. It really, really is a great productivity tool.

Apps I love already:

  • Celtx, my good old favourite script editor has a brilliant ipad app. I started writing my next graphic novel script straight away - it's just beautiful, the formatted script just flows onto the page and cloud-synchs easily with my desktop computer.
  • Daedalus: a peculiar no-frills text editor that manifests my writings as virtual sheets of paper in virtual stacks. It happily synchs them into Dropbox as simple text files. There are no distractions, and it has much of the joy of working in a paper notebook. Physically shuffling through the paper stacks is really satisfying, and if I need to find anything in a hurry there is a text search function. Yay. I already imported a half-written novel out of Scrivener to tap away on it on the pad. That means something, Scrivener being my absolute favourite novel editor... I might even abandon it!
  • The Kindle app is so much friendlier than I expected - it imports PDFs and other documents, which means I have copies of my own picture books sitting on it now.
  • Noteshelf is a great app for scribbling - in my case, scribbling whole picture book roughs. The pages produced can be shuffled around at will, which means I can produce a full set of rough thumbnails in no time. - It also lets you make scrapbooks of pictures you find elsewhere and handwritten notebooks on a range of virtual papers. (You can even keep handwriting your own diary, although I much prefer the Muji Calendar App for that - it synchs with gcal, wheee!)
  • Quickoffice, meh, Quickoffice is ugly. What can you do. But it lets me deal with all sorts of documents on the go, connects to google docs and generally does all that less beautiful office type stuff that needs to happen sometimes.
  • Evernote! EVERNOTE IS AWESOME!!! I have it installed on all my devices and it's an almighty bucket of ideas, swallowing photos, notes, recordings and anything else I want to remember. I have a notebook for each of my projects, and they are filling up with characters, sketches and insomniac ramblings.
  • Flipboard is a fine way of not getting totally lost on the web reading a load of crud. It makes whatever my social network shares into an ever changing shiny very interesting magazine. The best thing ever to read in the morning with a cup of tea.
  • Dropbox. Dropbox is great as ever. Everyone needs Dropbox.
And otherwise, two things you need if you want to input a lot of stuff: a decent bluetooth keyboard case (I got the Adonit Writer, which is excellent if you have tiny hands and not otherwise) and a stylus (I thought the Cosmonaut looked best - it hasn't arrived yet, so I can't tell).

What I haven't got on it: games, and drawing apps. I really don't feel like drawing on the thing. Might change my mind when that stylus arrives.

All in all: WOO HOOO! It's fun to work with. I prefer to draw on real paper with pencils, but I love to scribble and plan and collect and write and connect everything up with the ipad... it's like an amazing electronic notebook rather than a computer. And I LOVE NOTEBOOKS.

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