Friday, January 6, 2012

From my diary: Being Funny

I'm quite funny. I know because people say so even though I'm not trying, most of the time anyway. In fact, they tend to say it more the more normal I think I'm being at the time.
Sometimes someone I am communicating with (successfully, I think) shakes their head, apropos (I think) of nothing in particular, and asks me if I have any idea how God Damn Hilarious I am being. I don't mind that particularly much. It's much better than calling me "mad" or "eccentric" (is everyone else "cenric"? What are they even talking about?) - also better than just nodding and walking off briskly without any sort of excuse, although I kind of like that as well because people who do that are not pleasant conversationalists anyway. They are mostly guys who say they are connaisseurs of women and ask weird questions like "why do you wear lipstick when you are intelligent enough to know I don't like it". But I digress. There are a lot of funny people in the world. I think everyone is funny, but then I think that it might just be the kind of person who hangs around near me tends to amuse me. I mean, I can't tell, there is no scientifically valid way for me to work out if everyone else is funny even though I think they are. People also often think that I am pretending to be more stupid than I am, maybe in an attempt at being funny. I don't do that, I think people just have a narrow idea of what intelligence means and what it makes you do. It sure doesn't stop people from being ridiculous. Anyway, the strange thing is that somehow I am now being funny for money. I didn't mean to do that, I didn't try to avoid it neither. But it's strange, isn't it? It's meant to be very hard work to be funny for a living, especially if you are female, and even more so if you are German. I'm a female German, what's up with that? Maybe it helps that I do work for Children. Not that people would reason: our children need some cheer, let's get an unintentionally hilarious German lady in here, quick... they don't do that, do they. Also I'd not turn up because a) children are scary and b) statistically I  only turn up to every forth social invite, so that would be not a good strategy, inviting me when your children need anything. The point is: I am often surprised about my job. I sometimes find myself laughing while I am drawing, and I stop and think about what made that happen, because generally I wasn't even trying to draw anything funny. Recently, I have stopped the stopping and thinking because it's just slowing me down, and it's more fun to read the whole book when it's finished and laugh my head off then. I thought about this a fair bit today, and in the end I realised that I was not coming to any conclusion at all, not even a small one. I guess I just don't get my own sense of humour, maybe because I'm German. That's ok. I also do cute drawings.

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