Monday, January 2, 2012

Dream diary

Last night's dream: God is Listening
For some reason God is listening to my ideas. It's not quite the same as listening to my prayers. It's more like he's somehow inclined to realise my more involved inspirations. I am rather excited about this, and sketch out in my mind a planet covered in sweet bouncy foam, just viscous enough to swim in it but not so one would sink. I am just about to design the athmosphere, which of course would need to be breathable, when I get distracted by goings-on in the harbour. A large ship is closing in, with a kind of cannon at the top. A war ship, most definitely. Behind it, some sort of aircraft carrier, also armed. The carrier fires. An almighty wave comes up from the sea. The ship turns its nozzle on us, and foam billows forth, covering everything. I think: aw no, God, not like that... The valleys are flooded, the forests disappear as the foam and water react, sweet radioactive foam bloats up, forming an inviting blanket over all, leaving merely the hill we stand on... People are crying, I am glad they don't know this was my idea. We walk to the edge of the foamy waste. What am I supposed to say - well done, God? I fold my hands and say: "Lord, I am sorry. Please, do not follow my ideas any further. I do not demand for my prayers to be heard, but I pray for better prayers." The foam retreats. I am not sure how to feel about all this.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds good. I'd suggest watching 'Way of the Dream', an epic Jungian documentary! It helped me to make much more sense of my own mad stuff.