Saturday, January 14, 2012

Circle Rules Football and Citydash

Firehazard is back for 2012! We shall be playing fun games in London - totally the best way you can get exercise without hating it. I find.

We have a snazzy new website where you can join - for free, at the moment. We're building up a network of people who like to play games that involve a lot of running around and not too many rules.

Our first event was a small game of Circle Rules Football at London Fields, it looked like this:

Check out my fancy moves...

There will definitely be a lot more of this kind of thing.

Then today we had a run of Citydash - a fast game of tag and treasure-hunt using mobile phones, played in the City of London. We've been running it before, but now we updated it to allow team-building. Also there is no more crew needed - players get to place targets and be guards themselves.
It was great fun.

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