Monday, October 3, 2011

Desk Incident

If you should ever feel like buying one of these swivelling monitor arms, check whether your desk is in fact hollow before you clamp it on, or this will happen:
My desk this morning.
So today I went to the timber shop and bought a new desk top, carried it home and nailed it on with big nails. I'm tired now, and happy to have chicken soup with rice to fortify me. I took a quarter roast chicken home from a pub last night, in shreds, in a bottle, which seemed the easiest way. It looked terrible in the fridge, but now I have soup. And frozen yoghurt with strawberries. Thank you, past Viv, for your wisdom, for all I want to do now is lie on the sofa and eat and recover.


Dave Shelton said...

Crikey! Did the monitor survive?

Viviane Schwarz said...

It's all good. My scanner got knocked off the table and fell apart but I reassembled it and it's working. The whole table is much improved now, nicest desk I ever had!