Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happiness and Patchwork

I've decided to do something about all the worn-out but lovely clothes and assorted scraps that I don't want to throw into the fabric recycling. I've also long wanted a nicer dressing gown than the hair-dye-stained old thing I call my own. So I'm making a patchwork dressing gown now, in time for winter.

It's a beautiful autumn week, and I've been as happy as I've ever been in my life... I don' know why, maybe it's the warm golden light, or the books I'm working on, or the lovely studio which is full of colourful beautiful things and happy people, or being in love, or living in a friendly house with a housemate who bakes cakes. I haven't had a nightmare in a while, instead I'm waking up happy. I think I've learned some things about happiness and life and such.

I've also ripped a hole into my flimsy desk with my heavy graphics tablet, which is not so good, I need a solid wood table to replace this one. Which means I get to go to IKEA on the weekend and buy Swedish chocolates. YAY!


Joel Le Blanc said...

Wow, I totally want to start patching things now. Good stuff!

Magic Cochin said...

Now that's proper patchwork :-)
Enjoy the lovely weather!


Viviane Schwarz said...

It's growing! I'll go over all the seams with the machine in the end to make it neat.

Paulette said...

What a super idea. Please show us your dressing gown when it's finished.