Saturday, September 10, 2011

Baba Yaga - The Game

I spent the last week helping Casey Middaugh set up a scratch performance at the Barbican, four floors down in the bowels.
We had an excellent crew of actors and dancers, a musician, and some people from Firehazard, all collaborating to turn the pit theatre into a scary maze using four kilometers of industrial strength cling film, some clever lighting and sound design.
The Maze and I

We had an excellent monster and a beautiful dancer. (I made her costume, sewing in the dark at top speed - in fact I only noticed minutes before she had to go on stage that I had sewn on two ends of the same halter instead of two halters, and she could not get in...)
Georgie, the firebird, having a rest
We sent people through it with a fairytale mission, and it was a grand success. Hooray for immersive games!
Check out the Tumblr for it, there should be videos, sounds and pictures of the actual performance turning up.I still dream of clingfilm. It was worth it.

Note: anyone involved, send me web links to link you up here, you were all awesome.

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