Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Watercolour rats

I've started drawing with a fountain pen, and I LOVE IT. For some reason I[m not in the mood at all for dipping pens, probably because I drew a whole graphic with a clutch pen, and I'm not used to all the dripping and blotching and rinsing and fuss.
So, these are drawn on Watercolour paper with a Lamy pen in Noodler's Black Eel Bulletproof ink, and coloured with W&N watercolour. (Except for the blotchy black one that's drawn with a rotring. Rotring ink isn't waterproof.) - The only thing I'd want to change is the pen itself. I really, really want to get my dynamic line back, the fountain pen keeps it the same whatever the pressure. The only pen I can find that would be suitable is a Pilot Namiki Falcon. But they are luxury writing pens imported from Japan, and thus very expensive.
I'm trying to find a cheaper source, but if I don't, I will invest. One needs good tools. Maybe I should do a kick starter project selling art to afford a pen to make more art. Hm.
Does anyone feel like commissioning a £200 piece of artwork? Pet portrait? Maybe?

UPDATE: found it cheaper on ebay. Bought it. Watch this space. Awesome Drawings Better Had Happen Now.

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