Saturday, August 20, 2011

Three Books Ahoi. Not to worry.

Weekend! I spend a lovely afternoon working at the dinner table, with boyfriend and his laptop also there, working as well. It made me remember how nice it can be to have someone else working in the same room.
I plotted most of the new Cat book. I'm pleased with it - it's funny, with some novelty elements that I'm really proud of... but the one thing missing is the great big amazing bit of fun towards the end that makes you want to READ IT ALL AGAIN NOW. I'll think of it soon.
from my notebook
My housemate went to Edinburgh and left me some chocolate brownies on my favourite plate.
So now the house is quiet, and I am working on this and that. Three books are in the works right now, not counting the big comic which is wrapping up nicely at last. I can't say that I'm completely organised, but I have tidied the studio, and I start my working days just picking a project on a whim, working on it and trusting that this way everything gets done.
Pen Guardians at the studio.

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