Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I made a decision yesterday: I found three things that I really want to do, and am never getting around to, and I will make sure that I will get around to them now.
The first is to finish a publishable novel... and the easiest way to do that, I just realised, is to finally re-open the one I wrote almost ten years ago and take an axe to it. And a chainsaw. And... some thought. Yes.
I roughly hacked my way through part one (of three) tonight. I crunched two drafts together, deleted most of the older one, grabbed all the scenes that seemed useful and stuck them into a scrivener document in an order that kind of made sense. I'll do the same with the remaining two thirds soon, and then I shall read it and delete leftover half-characters, stitch fragmented chapters together and hopefully bring it all to an ending that makes more sense than the terrible one I arrived at years ago in a state of total creative exhaustion.

The other two things are also good, more of that later, now I wish to go to bed, drink sleepy time tea and read Game Of Thrones. Good night!

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