Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things I did in my week off

Had a sleepover at the Barbican.
Went to see my students exhibit their work in Shoreditch.
Helped run a zombie invasion in Hampstead and got bruised.
Had a dinner party eating as many artichokes as possible.
Slept a lot.
Gave away the blue pillow case with the deep sea lily printed on it that never went with the red sofa.
Got an illustration of "The Road" framed up and hung it over my bed because I like the book.
Had the tap of the bathtub fixed.
Mused over an odd smell.
Scrubbed the bins with vinegar.
Scrubbed the loo.
Scrubbed the sink.
Decided that probably something small has died deep in the foundations of the house and sprayed febreze down all the cracks.
Painted some animals with bright orange ink.
Re-read Tales from Moomin Valley.
Learned how to do colour separations for spot colour printing.
Sprayed the strawberry plants with oil and soap to kill the aphids.
Learned how to order curry instead of pizza.
Crocheted another row of my blanket.
Watched all of Firefly.
Played ICO projected huge on a shower curtain.
Got a bit bored.
Dyed my hair and painted my fingernails red.
Decided to get back to work.

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