Friday, July 15, 2011

Picture Book Picnic Pictures

Yesterday we had a Picture Book Picnic party, with much Pimms, many chocolate brownies, and some flipcharts.
I drew this (see here)

And Alexis drew some of these

And Chris is having carpets made, the clever sod. I WANT ONE!
I was especially excited to meet David Lucas, because he made this book.


Peanutbutter_Eric said...


I've recently graduated and i'm also a budding children's book illustrator...or so I hope to be! I just wanted to say that your blog is very inspiring and I really love your work! I even bought one of your books and had to force myself to give it away as a gift...shall be buying it again soon :D Keep up the amazing work!

My blog: just if you fancied a nosey.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Thank you! That's nice of you.
I'll go and check it out :)
Buy a second copy for yourself in the meantime... hah :D

Peanutbutter_Eric said...

:D No problem!
I shall do as soon as I have money! Sucks being a poor graduate!haha!:p