Thursday, June 2, 2011

Still Colouring. Give me music.

Hello World!
If you don't hear from me much it's because I'm colouring. I've got six weeks left to finish this graphic novel, and the amount of problem solving I have to do for every new scene is baffling at times. Just when I worked out how to colour a sun-dappled jungle I have to do an underwater scene. And all those made-up animals that need natural looking colour schemes... and the shadows, all the different kinds of shadows from all the different kind of light in a story where every chapter is a new world. - If you know me you know that I use tricks when I'm colouring, sometimes calculating colours on the computer, sometimes sampling them off fine art or photographs, and sometimes I physically mix them by my own rules which I can't ever remember once the book is finished.
I thought when I started this comic that I could use one set of tricks for the whole thing. By now I've used every one I know, and am inventing new ones for myself. It's exciting, it takes up my brain and... it takes up my brain, yeah. I am finding it hard to keep up conversations, and to read books. Words seem to mean less than usual, and colours distract me everywhere I look. I often fall asleep halfway through a picture and wake up an hour later with an idea how to improve it.

This weekend I have to peel myself away from work to go to the Hay festival and run two workshops, one by myself and one with Alexis. That'll be fun, but to be honest right now I wish I could stay home and colour four more pages instead...

So, anyway, that's what's going on. Do visit me and drag me out of the house for coffee if you are one of my visiting friends. Or else put nice music on my colouring playlist, because I've listened to all my music so much now that 'm starting to feel a bit groundhog-day-ish.

Anyway, I'm very proud of the way this is going, can't wait to show it all off...

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