Friday, June 24, 2011

Pantone Monkey

I found some time to do a one-off commission that needs to be done using a limited set of colours, here's a detail of the artwork. It's brush painted in Noodler's Ink and coloured in Photoshop.
I'll tinker with it some more, maybe change the shadow so it's a bit more realistic, and fix that left elbow.
But first I'll finish colouring the graphic novel... eight pages to go, woo hoooo!


Vida Vega said...

it's really interesting to see how you chip away at your work bit by bit and make time to do multiple things. impressive! i'm rubbish at that sort of thing :)

Olgi said...

Dear Viv, I'm absolutely amazed about Your works! :)
Olgi, from Hungary

Trade Your Talent said...

he is great!