Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Noodler's Ink

I ordered some Noodler's ink, and today I had time to try it out... I just doodled a quick drawing on Bristol board. And this ink is amazing! It's like thinking in ink. I tried different pressure for the rabbit and his trousers here. - The hands and feet are brush drawn, that's not brilliant with this ink on Bristol board, but works well on rougher paper.
 Then I did the loo roll test: draw on soft loo roll with a sharp nib. Any pressure tears the surface, any delay makes a blotch. Check this out, against my usual ink on the right. - Noodler's ink is fountain pen ink which normally runs - but this stuff really stays in place! I must find my fountain pen converter so I can fill it into a pen and see if that makes a decent instrument, maybe even to draw on that awful moleskine paper I dislike so passionately. Apparently it's good for writing on pretty much any paper... I wouldn't be surprised!


Peter Underhill said...

I've read so much about Noodlers on fountain pen forums but have never tried it. I'm pleased you've had a positive test drive from an illustrator's angle - all previous comments I've read have been about how it performs for writing.
My quest for the ultimate killer pen/brush/ink combo might take up the whole of my life, but I appreciate you hastening things along. Thanks.

Sheena said...

Ooo, it looks lovely! That drawing is great, you know who also uses it beautifully - Mattias Adolfson, I must get some. Are you using it with a fountain pen or a dip nib and holder? Also, what colour is the ink called?

Viviane Schwarz said...

:) Thank you! It's the Bulletproof Eel Black. With a Manga dip pen... I'm getting really fond of it!