Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hay Festival Hamster Drawing Workshop with Alexis and me

Alexis and I did a workshop at the Hay festival - we did a dramatic reading of "A Place to Call Home", taking breaks to draw together on the flipchart what the children thought the travelling blind hamsters thought they were doing.
The Edge of the world. A steep cliff. Tornadoes. Saturn. Shooting stars. Aliens with teeth in their nostrils or six heads. Weightlessness. Today's children know about weightlessness. 
Then the children drew their own adventures. Mostly Hamster In Space.


These hamsters travelled so far, things started growing out of their heads.
In the end, we had a show-and-tell.
At the Edge of the World there is ice cream. And Robots. And a toilet.
"You would need the toilet, with that much ice cream to eat."

Hamsters encountering Aliens.

Hamsters will react differently to Space, with "Help" through to "Wow!"

The Spikey planet of Spikes approaches. Also tube-head made some tiny perching alien aquaintances.


Paulette said...

I applaud you for sharing your talent with children. What a great experience for them.

Viviane Schwarz said...

It was a great experience for us as well! Drawing together is brilliant fun :)