Sunday, May 1, 2011


We saw excellent buildings

Playing drawing games

I went to Copenhagen with Gwyn to visit my friend Frøydis and bring her my old apple laptop so she can use it to make illustrations. It was an excellent holiday - we went to an old comic shop, tried out the local night life, doodled and ate raw food, and I felt brave for renting a full sized bike. I'm frightened of them, as I am of horses, because they are always too tall as far as I'm concerned. I spent the whole bike-riding part of the trip in a state of barely contained anxiety, screaming and drifting uncontrollably, crashing into things, falling off and often just getting upset about some vague feeling of imbalance. But it was okay, that's just life. However - It did remind me horribly of crying when I was given my first proper sized bike, learning that the "proper" saddle position takes your feet right off the ground, and the loathing I felt about having my training wheels taken off, and the bafflement of my friends picking me out of barbed wire fences and hedges I had been unable to avoid, and most of all the pained expression of my first boyfriend when he realised that we would never, ever go on jolly cycle trips together, and that I really wasn't a plucky adventurer, and that bicycles could go straight on the long long list of things he had thought everyone liked as much as he did until he met me. In fact, I realised, with my head stuck in the bike basket and my heart stuck in my stomach, that I was fully expecting to be told how many points I had lost on this trip, relationship-wise. Instead, to my confusion, we all stopped for ice cream and had a laugh.
It's funny but I would cycle down a hill backwards and blindfolded (and screaming) with this here boyfriend, and enjoy it more than cycling up a hill with anyone else pretending I'm having fun.
So anyway, it was an excellent trip and I want to go again, but if I do I'll take my own little foldy-bike.