Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I started working on my fox novel again yesterday. For the first hour it was just tiring - I have made so many notes of what the change, add, consider, write next, and marked my way through several books on writing... eventually I managed to get my head around all that, and started re-reading and editing. And it was great fun! Some of the sentences flashed up tiny impressions, sounds and images, like memories of things that never happened.
I worked on it some more this morning, and felt the bad mood I have been accumulating in the last days lift. I've been very cross, the sort of angry that children and children's book writers aren't supposed to get (I hear) and mostly because I did not ever get to work for an hour or two at a time without getting interrupted somehow. Or, worse, interrupting myself with thoughts like: what an excellent weather for laundry, and I should really dust this shelf, and how about if I swap the DVD player with the playstation, and actually I would fancy lunch.
The thing about getting things out of the way when you have an unexpected spare hour before you start working is that generally it becomes more and more likely that something seriously distracting WILL happen before that hour is out.
So I've changed my approach - now I decide on what bit of work needs doing, and every time I have a moment I sit down to do exactly that bit of work. And if something stops me, I go back to that work and no other work once I have time again. I'll see what that does.
And I'll make myself do non-work things in the evening, and absorb some more culture. I think tonight I'll read a book - that, also, has not happened enough. And I have excellent things to read... Including an ambitious book on dressmaking, look:

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