Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making Up Bread

Today is the penultimate day of chicken. I decided to roast one - I'm sometimes eating meat these days, when I'm feeling the need. So I roasted a chicken, and had roast one day, sandwiches the next, then some pasta dish with the last scraps, and today soup. The stock smelled respectable, and it seemed only right to have some fresh bread with it. So I thought I'd bake some. Alexis had told me that you can bake bread from yoghurt and something, and I'd read that melted ice cream and self raising flour makes some sort of bread, and I'd been joking with my housemate about the inexplicable bags of self raising flour we both kept in out cupboards.
So I decided to MAKE UP SOME BREAD.
I went out and got a tub of yoghurt. I put some sugar and salt in it, and then added in self raising flour until it felt like bread dough. I threw it around for a bit, ground a few walnuts up in the coffee grinder and added them in, ran out of inspiration, made it into a loaf and put some pumpkin seeds on top for looks.
I pre-heated the oven to 200C, then put it in for a while with a bowl of water because I remembered from baking bread as a child that you are supposed to do that to get a good crust or some such. Then I went away for quarter of an hour and forgot about it.
Then I remembered and turned it down.
I had an interesting discussion for I don't know how long, until suddenly I noticed there was a lovely bready smell. I opened the oven, went WAAAAH BREAD, lifted it out, knocked on the underside and it sounded hollow, which should mean it's done, right?

Yep, it was done.


Kirsty said...

You just randomly threw
some ingredients together in no particular quantities, cooked it for a random amount of time and it ended up as bread? :-o

Sounds a nice recipe - I might try it.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Well... not totally random. Self raising flour will make things rise, so bread was more likely to happen then, say, stew... and I aimed for bread dough consistency, and cooked it until it smelled good. Aim for what seems like the right consistency and cook until it smells good is generally my rule of thumb. But then, I was pretty surprised that it actually made bread!

Kirsty said...

Yes, it could have ended up as a scone, or a rusk, or hardtack...
As you say, stew was pretty unlikely!

knighty said...

Just read your post about making bread.
Thought it was brilliant and you made me smile thankyou for that :o))