Monday, April 25, 2011

Museum Roughs

The last scene I have to draw for Sleepwalkers is set in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Which means all sorts of things I could not draw from memory - display cases that need to be at elast vaguely in perspective, impressive architecture... so I got on the train and went there to take pictures.
When I got out the piece of paper that was meant to be a copy of my page layout withthe shots I needed marked in, I found that it was a piece of paper belonging to my boyfriend (so I guess he now has my pencil rough copy somewhere in his files).
I got cross for a moment, then I just went and took 100 pictures, covering every angle I could think of. Of course when I got home I found that I did not have any of the ones I had planned to use.  So I changed the roughs to use what I had.
This one actually fitted.
And I remembered to take the pictures from a low height to get the main character's eye line. (I get these things wrong a lot.)

I placed the photos in a grid and used my cintiq to doodle the characters on top.
This should work. I'm glad about the people who were in the museum on the alst photo,e specially the father and son in the background on the stairs. They'll stay right in.
So now I've printed these out and I can start drawing... Let's see how that works out.

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Being allowed to sneak a bit in your studio to see how you are working and putting all these things together is really really great! I am thankful for this opportunity!
But what i love more are the lovely details like you have no charged batteries around. This is soooo me. :-)
Good Night to London!