Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I used a whole load of chemical dyes this week. First I collected all the things that I dyed purple by mistake (dull story that), and added all the boring faded underwear I could find, and chucked it all in the washing machine with a big box of brown, which worked rather well - it's always nice how the bits of lace and elastic stay whatever colour they were, it usually comes out looking more fancy than it ever was.
Then I went out and bought my bi-monthly box of hair dye and decided to go for 'Peach Corrosion' instead of my usual 'French Roast'.
I put it on, coughed for half an hour, rinsed it out... and after that there was no more water in the tap. Have I used all the water, I thought, how careless of me.
Turns out the water mains got hit in the high street somehow. I felt extremely lucky, imagining running  through the neighbourhood in my tattered dressing gown screaming for water, my head blazing with orange dye.
I spent most of the day scrubbing up my old mac PowerPc for a friend - now it is shiny, and so are his friends the portable scanner and other assorted peripherals. And it runs all the programs you need to start an illustration career, I think. It made me happy, seeing how well it is still working, it deserves being used to make lovely things rather than sitting on my shelf. I'll need to make a whole load of popcorn to package it safely in transit to Norway.

Here's my new head:

I'm posting it mostly so my dad can see it's NOT THAT ORANGE
Tomorrow I'll be at the London Book Fair, small part of a large panel of Booktrust winners and judges. I'll give a 10 minute talk on my work (much like any other recent 10 minute talk about my work, no live drawing, sorry) and then see if I ahve anything else to say. I'm likely to be preoccupied with thoughts of the last few Sleepwalkers pages I still need to draw.

When I've finished this book I'll invite some friends round to my house, to draw and cook and eat and have tea and fun.

Song of the Minute: Do you really love me or am I just in your network? by My Little Pony

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Kirsty said...

Sometimes I tie-dye my underwear!