Monday, April 11, 2011

Almost There...

It's getting very near the end, drawing-wise. Seven pages to go. I'm drawing trees, and feathers, and leaves... one more great trouble to face, and then the grand crowd scene. Yes I will post pictures so you can see if you can spot yourself in the crowd. There's still time to send reference, I have three more pages to draw before I get there.

Otherwise: I just went at my desk with some powertools, broke them in the process but installed an industrial grade metal arm to hold my cintiq at whatever angle I like. Now I can draw on it like on a drawing pad... a huge 10 kilo drawing pad held for me by a robot... nothing wrong with that..

And I posted a sneaky page of Sleepwalkers on my website, go have a look.


Aria Gallo said...

I clicked the link to your website. I like the colours you use. The rats is a great drawing. I know I have never heard of three sheeps helping people in the context you are using. When and where does your book become available?
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Viviane Schwarz said...

It'll be published in the UK in a year or so... thank you, I'm glad you like the colours! Colouring is difficult... :)