Monday, March 14, 2011




Anonymous said...

ah Viv what a beautiful sleeper, so swaddled!
Viv, please could you, when you wake up and stand on your new stripy legs, post a nude postcard to my curated show in Whitstable? We are saying: Love the Nude! Love the Post! Post Nude! It is an open exhibition in a tiny new gallery and I would dearly love you to send one in Viv. It will be at the Horsebridge Centre in May. We want everyone to send one with a short postcard message, what you are having for brunch, how love feels like, who is your nude...?? Please think about it Viv.My e-mail is, if you know any other artists or dreamers do let them know too! We cherish you! Kindest regards Sarah xxxx

Viviane Schwarz said...

Umm... shall be looking out for nude postcards this week :)

Anonymous said...

draw one Viv! draw a beautiful soft lined, smudgy edged nude! have a look at website for show details if you fancy?

xxxxxx sarah xxxxxxx