Friday, March 4, 2011


I have been studying my way through some books on writing... including the brick called "The Seven Basic Plots", which might kill me one evening when I fall asleep while reading it.
Today I went out to the library because the house is cold and I can't be bothered to turn the heating on. I sat by the window and took notes about my novel, and now I am quite sure I've cracked the plot and worked out how to tidy it up, and how the second half I haven't written yet must go.
When I went back outside the sun was shining. I had a lunch of walnut bread and raw honey, and turned and turned the story in my head. I ironed my pyjamas, mended a jumper and paid some bills, and all the while the story kept turning in my head and I could see no holes.
I think it's time to start writing again! Wish me luck, I'd really like to get this one finished well.

I also upgraded Scrivener, haven't checked out all the new features yet but it looks rather good... I note there is a comic script template included now.
And: Notational Velocity is a very useful program for keeping track of ideas, I recommend it.

Music of the Moment:  Ah-Um  by  Charles Mingus

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