Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Sensible Post Now.

So yes. I've had some sleep, in Hyde Park in the sun, and in my new bed, and I've had a good laugh with my housemate at my TV appearance.
Left to right: Fox, Viv, Joe.
Fox didn't get the bit about nor looking into the camera.
Joe Berger draws very funny things, I'm looking at one of them right there. You can't see it. Hence I win. I keep winning this week.
Yesterday I was handed a heavy transparent star in a box and declared one of the Booktrust ten best new illustrators. It's a very respectable list, I am very pleased to be on it.
I'm also pleased about the other choices, there are some people who I was really hoping would win, and they did. Hooray!
The ten of us are now expected to do serious profile-raising for picture books in an ambassadorial kind of way (is that a word?) which I'll try my best at happily. I'm looking forward to seeing what my best will be. It'll involve events like workshops and talks at book festivals and such...
Hip! Hup! Hooray!
I haven't got a picture yet with the new winners, so here's some excellent 2008 winners plus Sir Anthony Browne, photographed by Sarah McIntyre. I also win for Most Teeth!


kasia said...

Congratulations! This is a big award! ... and the fox looks like he is really enjoying his 5 minutes!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Wish you lots of success and promotion this year!

Mel Schade said...

Big congrats!

Peter Bangs said...

Major congratulations! Very much deserved. Curious though, this ambassadorial stuff. Do you get paid for it or are you meant to smile and do it even though it takes you away from paying work?