Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting used to the Commute.

Aaaand I'm off to Plymouth again today. Here I go on my brand-new stripy legs.
I've made it a habit to buy clothes in my lunch break. It's the way that in Plymouth you can actually try clothes on in the shops without queueing up for ages. Mind-boggling to London-me.
I'm also getting used to the four hours on the train, and I'm taking books to study, and my novel notebook.
This time I'm taking my drawing materials and an A3 sketchbook along so I can work on my graphic novel in the B&B. I really want to get it finished soon.

When I get back, I'll buy a new mattress, seeing that I'm spending much of my spare time asleep these days. I'll also buy a projector so I can practise giving lectures with drawing demonstrations. I want to put a good show together that I can easily adjust to different events so I can stop worrying about preparing every single one. It'll still be mostly improvised, of course.
Also that means that I can have a home cinema, with a screen that comes down from the ceiling... I'm really looking forward to my first weekend off, properly off, and I will invite friends around to watch Star Wars. Not the prequels. And no added CGI.
But popcorn!

Music of the Moment: Set The Tigers Free by Villagers


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I'll bring space food!