Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big Fat Bear

I was looking through my folder of abandoned stories today, and found this one. Thought it would be nice to show one of the many picture book ideas that went nowhere.
Maybe someone out there wants to illustrate it for fun? If you do, send pictures!

I wish...
I wish I could wake up as a big fat bear.
I’d yawn and I’d be snug in my fur.
I’d be bigger than anyone, bigger than my dad, bigger than my mum, I’d be the biggest!
I’d eat everything in the house, just to see if I can, even the tins.
My mum would tell me to behave.
And I would, but I would behave like a bear, like a big wild bear, ha ha!
I would roar so loud that it rattles the house!
Then I would give her a big bear hug.
I would have a bear bath and build a bear den.
In the evening I would be peaceful, and everybody could snuggle up to me and be warm and safe.
I would sleep a bigger furrier warmer sleep than anybody else ever could.
And then I would wake up as me again.
Or maybe as a terrible dragon.


Check it out, Alex Milway drew me a bear!

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