Saturday, February 19, 2011

A PLACE TO CALL HOME... I've got a copy!

My latest book! And my first book that I didn't write: Alexis did.
It's almost out. Well, It'll come out in May. And yesterday I visited Alexis for dinner, and he surprised me with a proper bound copy of it that he'd picked up at Walker Books.
Isn't it cute? It's got a hole in the cover and everything.
And as usual it has a few more features that I am really pleased with.I've noticed at some point that every one of my books has something about it that makes people say "I can't believe you got away with that". It's not usually completely intentional... anyway, in this book I got away with:

  • We covered up all the characters' heads for almost the entire book. I get very annoyed whenever people claim that we only connect with characters that have expressive faces. There are many other ways of being expressive and engaging, and here's my bit to prove it. You'll see.
  • A really limited palette. The hamsters are orange. Some things are yellow. Everything else is just one colour, changing with the passing of time.
  • An epic adventure tale that shows none of the actual adventure but is instead set in an entirely boring place.
  • All sorts of hidden little plot hints just for fun that most people will never notice.
  • And, yesss, a hole trough the cover.
And still, people read it and laugh and go aaaaaaawwww.
Basically, WE WIN.
Published by Walker books in the UK, Candlewick in the US, and all sorts of other places, including France and Germany. The German translation is lovely, which means at long last people back where I grew up can get involved.


Alexia said...

It somehow seems to have been a long time coming! I love this book, can't wait to see it all bound and see what the colours, etc, look like. X A

Viviane Schwarz said...

It looks really nice... I'll give you a copy as soon as I get some more! So pleased that my digital colouring worked out.