Sunday, February 6, 2011

Off to uni again!

And suddenly it's time to get on the train to Plymouth and to do some teaching. New year, new projects, and this time I am supposed to set some targets for the students. That'll be interesting, and probably rather fun. It's good to get a dose of that level of busy creativity now and again.

Otherwise, I'm now preparing "Sleepwalkers" for the Bologna book fair - I haven't drawn the last chapter yet, which is a shame, but everything else is there. Most of it is edited, and now I just need to finish colouring in the first two chapters. I'll start on it as soon as I'm back home.
There's a bit of time left until I need to catch the train, so I'll fiddle a bit more with the last scene I drew - it's a scary episode set in complete darkness, with half the characters glowing brightly and the other half only partially visible in silhouette. I want to try out a different way of drawing the eyes from what I've done, they look a bit too alarming I think. I was going for that wide-eyed blindness of animals in night vision footage, and it's a bit much, considering that there's also a huge tentacled monster appearing in the scene. I also added a fight scene and am pondering how brutal it can be - I want a tentacle to get chopped off, but can it bleed? And bleed what? Darkness, presumably.

The end is definitely in sight for this project, and the one that is surfacing again, after months, is the fox novel. My brain is slowly switching back to story mode, and I am thinking of scenes in the story when I lie awake at night, and I listen to the characters talk in my head, playing out this part and that, dying and coming back to life just to see what best should happen.

I think this is going to be an interesting year, work-wise.

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