Saturday, January 29, 2011


Things at angles. There were many things at angles. Sometimes to do with earthquakes. When there's an earthquake they sometime just leave the town as it is and make a new one somewhere nearby.

Everyone drinks coffee all the time, I think. From above the towns look a bit like spiderwebs made on caffeine. People were incredibly nice, and applauded my spaghetti eating technique, so now I can stop wondering if I'm doing that right.
I will eat pasta every day of my life now. In fact, I have learned that one should eat Italian food at every opportunity.

One evening we parked the car to see a museum outside a small town, and when we came back we found we'd parked in the territory of two angry feral dogs who wouldn't let us back in. That was exciting.

Otherwise it was very quiet.
I did some drawing, too.

Observational drawing.

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