Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sad Sheep

A sad moment in The Sleepwalkers.
It's Sunday, I'm drawing, I have to stop drawing for a moment because I don't have the correct page grid for the next page... ah well, I'll just leave it out for now.

I took lots of pictures of people on my trip into town today, I more or less just snapped everyone who I noticed for some reason or another, and tomorrow I'll draw them. I feel I've become a bit lazy about observing poses.

I bought a whole load of materials, including an electric eraser with which I can rub stuff out a bit more precisely than before. I also bought a concertina sketchbook to fill with drawings of people, to create one long street scene eventually.

I watched three episodes of The IT Crowd today while drawing, I'm running out fast... what can I watch next... grargh...


Anonymous said...

I´m really enjoying reading your blog. Sarah MacIntyre´s blog sent me over. Love the cats, love the sheep, am thinking of making a fish hat - might have to crochet one as I can only knit straight lines. Watched the knitting animation and now am too worried to learn to knit better - it could be even more addictive than crochet. Sympathise with the lying awake at night worrying about weird things (I listen to the BBC, drift off and then in the morning don´t know whether ¨the invention of an invisibility cloak¨ is news, drama or just something I dreamt). But it is the question of what to watch after ¨the IT Crowd¨ runs out that prompted me to write.

We have had the same crisis recently. I bought the complete ¨Red Dwarf¨ collection, some ¨BlackAdder¨, ¨Jeeves and Wooster¨ and ¨Black Books¨ to fill the gap. We´re also enjoying ¨episodes¨ on iPlayer. And a friend mentioned that elderly ¨Yes, Minister¨ suddenly seems very relevant again - more of a documentary than a comedy.

But what the whole family sits down to watch together are the tales of a little blue sock-bear who is very fond of plastic ducks, socks, jam and ice cream. He lives with his human friend Barney in a flat. Under the flat lives a Koala bear who is in love with a stuffed pink knitted rabbit who never moves. Krazy Keith (the Koala) is a squatter and so mustn´t been seen by any of the other people who live in the block of flats, especially not by the caretaker who is the baddie of the piece an the grumpiest ice cream seller ever. A series that features monsters, time travel, rap stardom, bears, love and ice cream is too good to leave to the children. For some reason it isn´t on iPlayer at the moment but you could watch it at 15:35 on the CBBC channel.

Thanks for blogging.

Anonymous said...

I knew I´d forgotten the all important bit - Bear Behaving Badly - starring Nev the slightly battered bear who may have been made out of a sock and who lost part of an ear to the neighbour´s cat.