Monday, January 31, 2011


Rah! I just spent the morning catching up with post-holiday admin - like fighting a preposterous Tatzelwurm of requests squirming out of my email inbox, and no matter how many segments I slice off, there's another one crawling out with writhing blind caterpillar paws. I missed breakfast, then lunch, then I went RAAAAH! NOOO! and tried to escape to the lounge to do today's comic drawing work. But for some reason the room refused to warm up, even with all heaters turned up to max. So I stole the corner floor lamp, and retreated into my little attic bedroom to draw. I repurposed my wicker chest as a table, and made a pot of tea, and now I'm cosy.

Also I believe I have finally managed to accidentally travel back to the seventies.
Must be all that coffee.

Also observe the feeble attempt of hiding my paperwork behind a pretty volcano curtain (the curtain is a treasured old present from Tim Spooner, I always hide scary things with it).

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