Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gauntlets and Gryphons

We had an excellent day discovering things at the V&A.

Gwyn discovered he needs gauntlets.

I made a shield on the shield maker. With hogs and red birds.

I was looking for good mythical wings, because a winged monster chapter is coming up in the graphic novel.
This is Gabriel announcing to the Virging Mary that she's pregnant. "A little bit", he's saying.

Another good set of wings on this guy. I want to use him in a book... not sure what he's looking at.  Well technically he's looking at a giant fish holding a spear standing opposite him. Which goes to show that you got to think a bit before choosing your heraldic animals.

...started drawing him on the train home.


Lyn said...

I love the thought of gabriel saying "your preggers,just a tad Mary"

Viviane Schwarz said...

That's SO definitely what he's saying. And the Lord sent his smuggest angel, in this version...