Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feeling Unwell Over the Festive Period

I got a cold.

My Mother sent me Legwarmers.

Karol came around to re-organise my room.
The doctor gave me assorted pills. (Actually one of these is fake, but looks pretty)

Fr√łydis sent birds.
I think everything's okay now. Yesterday both boyfriend and I were technically too ill to cross London to see each other for New Year's Eve, but we decided that wouldn't do, so he dragged himself over here, I cooked a meal without making too many mistakes, we collapsed in my newly functional room, and at midnight we went out to the Rye where I thought people might be letting off fireworks, but instead the sky was dotted all around with hot air balloons, the sort where you put a wad of fuel-soaked cotton inside and light them. I've never even seen one. And they were everywhere, glowing orange orbs in the calm night sky.
One came down right before us, burned out, and I picked it up and kept it.
They probably should be illegal, but I am very glad I saw a starless sky with calm burning planets to start the year.
I hope there will be a clear night soon, I want to try and see the moons of Jupiter with my monocular, that should just be possible at the moment.

I'm very grateful Karol helped me sort out my room, all the furniture was in the wrong place, and I'd had  bags of things everywhere that somehow needed storing. I poked it all a bit, went "Wargh", sent her a message asking if she'd enjoy rearranging a room, she arrived the next hour asking "so what shall we do first?" and I went "Wargh" again, so she just got started.
Now I even have space for a slightly bigger bed. I don't quite understand how that happened, but I am Very Happy About It.

It's been harder than I would have thought to be ill over a whole chunk of festivities, I really could have done with some this year, it's been all a bit much recently, and needed wrapping up.
But we had a good New Year's Eve after all, and I'm propping myself back up now and I'll start drawing, and hopefully stop feeling wobbly and worried.

Happy New Year everyone!


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Happy New Year, Viv!

Fred and I were ill over the holidays too and I know what you mean...sort of anticlimactic...and tiring. Sounds like you made the best of it.

You've got so much positive momentum- I can't wait to see what amazing thing you come up with this year. Your work always brings a smile.

By the way, did you catch your sound bite on npr's "The World"? There are No Cats in This Book as featured as one of the best books of the year. I completely agree.

Magic Cochin said...

Happy New Year! Hope you can take it easy for a few days so you feel ready to step out into 2011 and have exciting adventures.


PS: there are cats on my blog today

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hello Steph! Hooray for 2011, and thank you :)
Hope you're feeling better... I think the whole nation here is in a similar mood, what with a second helping of swine flu to go around, and what seems like a whole assortment of colds that get passed around. Gotta catch them all, apparently!

About NPR: No! What? I'm looking it up! Where?

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hi Celia!

CATNIP! Best Start to the year!
Nah, if I take it easy another day I'll go strange. Shall get drawing, in bed if needs be.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! And yes, adventures please!

Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

go to and then search your name- There is a piece about the best childrens books of the year on a show called "The World".

Very impressive by the way!

Viviane Schwarz said...

AAAARGH can't find it, am getting no search results :(