Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm drawing the part of Sleepwalkers where things are going sad... well, this is just before they do. Everybody walking out of the house into an unusually dark night.

I've been finding myself on the floor in the mornings lately, after escaping from my bed two thirds asleep. It's just not comfortable, and it's too close to the outside wall which is cold and clammy. So today I took the bed frame apart and put it on Freecycle, threw away or stored everything I'd been keeping underneath it, and I made myself a blanket nest on the floor instead. Much better. I'll get a decent futon, I think, I have a great dislike for them but that's really only because I've only ever slept on lumpy old foldy sofa futons. Real ones are rather nice, I believe.
Good Night! Tomorrow holiday is really over, and I'll be replying to all my emails, planning events and all that...

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