Thursday, January 13, 2011


...from "There are No Cats in this Book".
Yes really. Go on. Buy some. It's all guaranteed 100% lovely.
The pieces are for sale at Children's Book Illustration.

I collaged all the pieces which were digitally assembled in the book together with actual glue on watercolour paper, so they look tactile, and they are all a tiny bit smaller than they are in the book (except one of them which is A LOT LARGER).
Here are some examples:

This one's slightly different from the book because some of the elements in the suitcase were digitally repeated in the book from...

...this one. Which is almost completely like it appears in the book. Except Moonpie is a bit smaller, and the fish is different because I originally stole it from the first cat book.
I'm actually a bit sad to let them go, they are rather lovely things.
There's even a very unlikely one included:
Mouse Stamp!
Did anyone even notice this artwork in the book? It's printed VERY TINY.

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