Monday, December 6, 2010

SCBWI Masterclass

On Saturday Ben Norland and I gave a Masterclass in picture book illustration for SCBWI
We talked, and presented, and then looked through people's dummy books. We read out "A Place to Call Home" which will be published next year - I think that was the first more or less public display of the book, actually. I'd brought an early dummy for it so we could demonstrate the sort of changes that are made.

It was an enjoyable day, but I am glad that this was the last event of the year... I will try and keep events to a minimum next year and concentrate on work. Events are my least favourite part of the job, on the whole, no matter how fun they may be they make me feel desperately tired, sometimes for days. I strongly feel that my place should be with my imaginary creatures, and a drawing implement in my hand, as far as my work time is concerned. I get confused by questions like "where do you get your ideas" and "how many changes are made from your initial idea" and all that stuff about ideas in general, and sometimes I don't feel all that helpful. People seem to have a different idea of what ideas are.
Anyway, they were nice, that lot. And Ben is always very useful to listen to.

I would rather like to spend some time just dreaming about the characters I need to work with next, they have faded in my mind...

Well, tonight I shall make a start on the underwater sequence in "Sleepwalkers", I wonder if that means wibbly panel borders... and how to draw fur under water... hm...


Tom said...

Hi Viviane,

I just find your websites and I am quite impressed, very nice work. Some of your drawings are really awesome, wish I could draw like this :-)
Currently I am learnig hard for my Englishtest on Monday but I lost hope I succeeded your talent in English...
Anyway, I just want to leave some kind regards, hope we will see us next year.

Your nephew from Germany


Viviane Schwarz said...

Huzzah and many thanks, nice to read you! Hope la familia is in good shape. Good luck with the test!!!