Thursday, December 2, 2010

Peace and quiet...

It's snowy, London is asleep. It doesn't take much snow for that.
I crossed London twice, using whatever transport was at hand, to have a planning meeting in a North London pub. I scribbled and smudged around in my wallet-sketchbook, thinking about the characters in my graphic novel. Here's an angry monkey, her name is Amali Tumbili. She's probably cross because I smudged her out and redrew her so many times, not because I was trying anything in particular, just for fun, to see her disappear and re-emerge.
Amali Tumbili, in a mood

I'm glad my dad sent me some snow chains for my shoes, they really help with walking on ice.

I fell asleep on the couch when I got back home, it's so peaceful out there and so warm in here...
Also I put a stew on an hour or so ago, on the principle that if I buy whatever bags of vegetables they have reduced in the shop across the road and boil them in stock with some sort of alcohol that isn't eggnog for long enough, stew will happen. I shall test that now, and then have an evening of drawing.
I'm happy.


Magic Cochin said...

Enjoy your stew - I bet it's yummy!

My cats can look like Amali Tumbili when they get annoyed about something!


John Peacock said...

Excellent drawing - very Mervyn Peake-ish, I think.