Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cookie Planes and Burglaries

Hello there!
There's a festive sort of feeling in the air here. Even though just about everyone has either a cold or vomititis or both. I managed to pay for Christmas food with artwork sales, and lugged home a tasty haul of port and nuts and cabbage and suchlike winter delicacies. My friend Inga passed through and gave me some baked planes. She said it was the closest thing to stars she could get, cookie cutter wise.

I spent a brilliant weekend helping to run an adventure game pretend burglary with Fire Hazard, most notably spending quite some time tied to a chair in a police cell singing "Les Miserables" to myself waiting for players to spring me so I could hand them a bunch of keys and run off for coffee. I think I'll blog more about all that later.

Now I shall do some more comic drawing.

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