Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Almost finished another chapter...

...well, in theory, if I keep drawing all day today, which I'm planning to do. Am just taking a short break and gathering visual reference material. And, to be fair, I think I'll leave a couple of pages out for later because they feature complicated architecture. And the other pages need re-scripting somewhat. But anyway, I'm getting there, by tomorrow hopefully.
I drew my favourite page yet, here it is:
And I promptly left it on the train on my way back from boyfriend's house. Thankfully an honest soul picked it up and phoned me so I could retrieve it. ALWAYS PUT YOUR MOBILE NUMBER ON YOUR PORTFOLIO, FOLKS.
Monkey in Diving Bottle.

My monkeys are for sale at The Colour Makes People Happy Store, all original brush drawings on watercolour paper. I'm rather pleased with them.
Monkey Sale!

Don Quixote by Rob Davis
 I did an artwork swap for a monkey painting with Rob Davis, now I own this! HA!

Christmas Treepee
And, finally, the Treepee is kind of getting there now. Still looks very odd, but I just wired it up with lights, which helps a lot.

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Kirsty said...

I do like the tree!