Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There are Cats on this Poster!

I just picked up a big roll of library posters from the post office! They are so nice!
One of them goes in a frame for my room, the others go to friends if they want them. So get in touch, friends!

I'm having a late lunch break - oh, actually, very late lunch break... it's one of those days that needed to be laid out and mapped out on paper before breakfast. I am busy. Yesterday I spent brainstorming a new book with John, and in the process covered the lounge in paper. I still need to write up the pitch we came up with before the day is over. Tomorrow I'll edit another chapter of graphic novel, and then I'll need to seriously get ready for my new job as associate lecturer at Plymouth University. Rah! And I just arranged which artworks to sell from "There are No Cats in this Book" - Pretty much all of them, as it turns out. More about that soon.


Niamh Sharkey said...

Hi Viviane, My kids would love a signed one for their bedroom! They are big fans of your cats :) Niamh

Viviane Schwarz said...

Absolutely! Send address, I shall send poster :)

Niamh Sharkey said...

OOo! Thank you :) I will send you an email with my address. x N