Friday, November 26, 2010

Stressed? (Apparently, yes.)

I seem to have bought a T-shirt in a bout of insomnia. I forgot all about it straight after. I have no idea why I felt I needed another t-shirt, or how I got to the site. I was pretty much sleep-shopping, guided by my subconscious.
So I was VERY surprised when it arrived.

It is now my favourite T-shirt. I absolutely love it, and so did everyone I ran into so far while wearing it.
You can buy it here if you like it, too, in John Allison's scary-go-round shop.
If anyone could enlighten me what the link is to my waking life, I'd be very grateful. How did I get to that shop? Did anyone send me? What made this happen?
Actually, his other shirts are bloody brilliant, too.

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