Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow snow snow

I woke up under a blanket of snow.
Bedroom Window, Snowy.
I went downstairs and looked out of the window... outside fat flakes of snow are dancing, hollywood-style.
I turned on the radiators and lights and made coffee, replied to all my mails with "that's ok, see you later" and now I am sitting on the sofa. I will eventually start drawing. But right now I am just sitting. It's very quiet out there, and I'm thinking about how much I've been worrying this winter... I shall have a snow day, wearing my warmest home-knitted clothes, eating soup, drinking tea and drawing. And no worries today.

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Magic Cochin said...

Snow's a great leveller - it slows us down, makes us care for others and quietens our days.

Have a good snow day!

My cats are having a snow day too - well in fact they're doing much as they always do - sleeping in baskets ;-)

Not that we have much snow here - bearly an inch. But little flakes are on the wind again right now.

Take care, enjoy your soup and drawing!